Eduardo Chillida

1904 - 1989

Eduardo Chillida was born in San Sebastián, Spain and became a prominent figure in the realm of sculpture, renowned for his remarkable large-scale abstract creations that frequently incorporated natural materials like stone and steel. His distinctive style encompassed a profound sense of equilibrium and unity, with a particular emphasis on the interplay between space and form.

In his early artistic endeavors, Chillida's architectural training exerted a substantial influence, resulting in works characterized by geometric shapes and clean, precise lines. However, as time progressed, his sculptures evolved to become more organic and emotive, often featuring irregular contours and textured surfaces. Among his most celebrated achievements is the renowned "Peine del Viento" (Wind Comb), a series of three imposing steel sculptures adorning the coastline of San Sebastián.

Beyond sculpture, Chillida also established a reputation for his compelling prints and drawings, which frequently explored themes parallel to those found in his three-dimensional works. In addition to his artistic pursuits, he actively engaged in politics, lending his support to Basque nationalism and serving as a member of the Basque parliament..