Duncan Bullen

1920 - 1999

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Duncan Bullen is a distinguished artist and academic whose primary focus lies in the realm of drawing. His educational journey commenced at Great Yarmouth College of Art & Design, where he honed his skills. Subsequently, he pursued a Master of Arts degree in Printmaking at the esteemed Royal College of Art, completing it in 1991. Throughout his career, Bullen has embarked on residencies in diverse locations, such as the Eremo di Santa Caterina in Elba, Italy, and the Experimental Printmaking Institute in Pennsylvania, USA.

Bullen's artistic prowess has been showcased in numerous solo exhibitions, and he has actively participated in internationally acclaimed shows. Presently, he holds a position at the University of Brighton as the Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange in the School of Art and Media. As the founding Director of the Centre for Arts and Wellbeing, he has made notable contributions in the field. Furthermore, he is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, underscoring his esteemed stature within academia.